Moringa, The Miracle Tree
...the Never Die Tree
25x Iron in Spinach
15x Potassium in Bananas
9x Protein in Yogurt
17x Calcium in Milk
10x Vitamin A in Carrots
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
and what not?
Moringa Oleifera, A superfood To Beat Them All!
 - All essential amino acids
 - Beneficial fats and omega oils
 - Rich in calcium and iron
 - Charged with various vitamins
 - Very few calories attached to
The Ideal Food For Obese & Malnourished
Moringa Boosts Immune System, Fights Disease
There is an old saying:
“Without Moringa Oleifera
There Is No Life”

Moringa The Über Plant!

Moringa Has An Impressive Range Of Medicinal Uses

Benefits antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity

Benefits anti-inflammatory activity
Benefits anti-tumor activity
Prevents ocular diseases
It's a very long list...
Moringa Tree Combats Climate Change, Desertification, Malnutrition, Food Shortages...
Grow Your Own Moringa Tree Multivitamin. A Natural Farmacy At Your Doorstep!
The Moringa Tree
Humans and Planet
...and Moringa
can purify
Moringa Über Alles!

Moringa Oleifera, A Supermarket On A Treemoringa oleifera tree nutritionMoringa oleifera tree leaf powder


Moringa oleifera leaves have all essential amino acids, beneficial fats and omega oils. Moringa has rich amounts of calcium, iron and many other vital minerals, as well as a wide variety and copious amounts of vitamins, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances but very few calories attached.

Plant Moringa by Tweet? Yes You can!

Retweet #moringaid. It`s like planting a Moringa tree! retweet moringaThe more people are aware of Moringa the more trees are planted. Moringa tree combats climate change, desertification, food shortages. It helps families get purified water, multivitamins and natural medicines at their doorstep!


Moringa Seeds maybe the best present? Be moringa ambassador! Send Moringa seeds to a friend. Moringa can go from seeds, up to 3 meters in its first year. Imagine all the possibilities a Moringa tree gives?

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Moringa Oleifera Tree Documentary 1

Moringa Oleifera Mother's Best Friend

Moringa Oleifera Tree Documentary 2

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Moringa trees grow easily from seeds or cuttings. They grow quickly even in poor soil. Grow your own Moringa tree multivitamin. Guide to cultivate, grow Moringa 



Become Ambassador of the Miracle Tree

Give Moringa Seeds!

The Moringa Tree Combats climate change, desertification, malnutrition, food shortages and help families get purified water, natural medicines and a multivitamin at their doorstep.

It is a small effort, a small gesture to give a Moringa seed, but huge effects! Germinate a seed, and it will produce a Moringa tree that grows rapidly and continues to shower you with nutrients for years to come. Think of all the possibilities the Moringa tree has to offer.

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Source - A pioneer promoting Moringa oleifera trees. Trees For Life has planted about 200 million Moringa trees in developing countries. We are all thankful for its pioneering actions and vision.


Moringa nutritional content, recommendations, how to buy, how to use and eat Moringa. Moringa effectiveness, side effects and safety.

Moringa - Traditional Crop Of The Month!

Moringa elected by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations "Traditional Crop of the month!" See the tree qualities listed on FAO page

“Without Moringa Oleifera There Is No Life”

Goes the saying of the Konso people who inhabit the lowlands of southern Ethiopia, expressing the ancient link that unites them to the Moringa oleifera tree.

Moringa, a Multipurpose plant!

The Moringa Tree combat climate change, desertification, malnutrition, food shortages and helps communities getting purified water.

Moringa, A Fast Growing, Drought Resistant Tree

The Moringa tree can survive in relatively unfavourable conditions. It does not require sophisticated and expensive farming methods or inputs. Moringa can go from seed up to 3 meters in first year!


    moringa superfood

    Moringa Oleifera - The Ideal Food For Obese And Malnourished

    moringa pdf FREE Moringa Book

    Imagine a plant in your backyard that will meet most of your nutritional needs, purify your water, take care of you medicinally and mitigate climate change effects? Beside being a very efficient tree to combat desertification and mitigate effects of climate change, the Moringa oleifera tree cures illnesses, can purify water, it's efficient against malnutrition and can feed the hungry

    Moringa oleifera is extremely rich in vital nutrients and, as a bonus, can grow very fast in dry areas of the world, where food is scarce. Since ancient times, Moringa was used as a medicinal plant, known to heal and ease a wide number of diseases: from various inflammations to cancer, to parasitic diseases and diabetes. In more recent times, Moringa has gained notoriety as a nutrition power plant that can feed the needy and, in fact, save lives. And eyes… from blindness due to lack of vital nutrients such as vitamin A in the diet. Moringa leaves or leaf powder can be used successfully as a complex food to nourish small children, pregnant or nursing women, and, of course, anybody else. In terms of nutrients, the leaves contain all the essential amino acids, present in harmonious combinations and significant amounts, readily bioavailable.

    Science continues to validate the ancient traditional therapeutic uses of Moringa. Recently, novel derivatives of thiocarbamtes and nitriles which stimulate insulin release in animals have been found in Moringa. These compounds and their action explain the anti-diabetic properties of the Miracle Tree. The list with valuable, recent medicinal discoveries related to Moringa goes on and on. One would need hundreds of pages to mention all the discoveries and describe their content. Now that you understand better the value of this plant to us, you might consider as justified all those suggestive, affectionate names people gave Moringa: “Miracle Tree,” “Mother’s Best Friend,” and “Never Die.”

    Moringa Oleifera Superfood

    If you have a poor diet it makes you less able to resist disease, so the diseases come more frequently and they last longer. And when you get over your diarrhea or respiratory chest infection or your coughing or cold, if you are on a poor diet you don’t have the convalescence so you don’t regain the weight you have lost. So you stutter from infection to infection.

    Moringa is an important food source because it can be grown cheaply and easily. The Moringa oleifera tree leaf is a nutritionally rich, ecological and economical vegetable available in practically all tropical countries. It is therefore essential to develop the production and consumption of this "green superfood".


    moringa superfoodBefore You Buy Moringa Oleifera Tree Products

    WARNING: Beware of Moringa oleifera tree bad cultivation or manufacturing practices when you buy products.

    The flow of Moringa oleifera products onto the market is skyrocketing. Moringa, a practically unknown plant few years ago, is now more trendy then many other popular plants. Take a look at Moringa trend evolution from 2007 till now. Impressive don´t you think? Blueberries will be soon in its rear-view mirror, Aloe Vera next :) moringa trends

    Although it is good that more people became aware of Moringa tree benefits, it's fame brings bad things along.

    The market place has plenty low quality Moringa oleifera manufactures attempting to capitalize on unsuspecting and uneducated consumers. A large amount of Moringa oleifera products on the market are made from cheap Moringa with lack of product quality control. While these products may be affordable, they may not be as the label says. Moringa oleifera nutrients could also easily be lost in the manufacturing process and, or amount of time the product takes, to go from a living plant into your hands.

    How are the Moringa oleifera tree products manufactured and where do you buy Moringa oleifera products?

    For example: Moringa oil could be faked, not the real stuff or be mixed with other oils. Therefore buyer beware. Moringa oil is 20 times the cost of vegetable oil so the motivation is definitely there for diluting the oil with something cheaper. 

    Remember that the point of buying Moringa oleifera tree products is the incredible amount of nutrients and properties it contains, not just to buy green powerless powder compressed into capsules with a nice name on it. Therefor beware from whom and where you buy Moringa products.

    To do list before you buy Moringa oleifera products

    ° Make sure that you buy products containing only 100% Moringa oleifera and no fillers or additives.

    ° Verify that the Moringa oleifera products comes in a vegetarian or vegan capsule.

    ° Make sure you do your due diligence on the manufacturer and where they source their Moringa oleifera products from.

    ° Make sure the Moringa oleifera tree supplement that you buy comes from fresh leaves. The longer Moringa oleifera leaves sit after being picked, the more nutrients that are lost in the process. The same counts for how long is the Moringa oleifera powder sitting in a warehouse or the Moringa capsules in shop shelfs. The fresher the Moringa oleifera tree products you buy(Moringa powder, capsules, oil...), the better. Loss of up to 50% of vitamins can be reached after six months of storage.

    ° Identify what process is used to dry the Moringa oleifera leaves. Many farmers, producers of Moringa oleifera powder don´t care how they dry the Moringa leaves. They use the sun to be quickly over with the process. The sun destroy more ingredients than when the Moringa leaves are dried in the shadow. See study on effect of dehydration on the nutritive value of Moringa oleifera tree leaves Moringa Sun dried - VS - Shadow dried - VS - Oven dried

    ° Before you leap in to buying Moringa oleifera products, ensure the products you buy are of the highest quality, and not mixed with any additives and fillers. The supplier must be intimately involved in the harvesting, cleaning, and production process to ensure the Moringa oleifera products you buy, are of a high standard.

    Check Moringa Source Organic Farm. We guarantee Moringa of the purest quality that is sourced from our own Moringa oleifera farm or eco-sustainable farming partners that can meet Moringa Source's rigorous quality control standards.

    moringa superfoodAfter You Buy Moringa Oleifera Tree Products

    Moringa oleifera leaf products should be stored in air-tight containers protected from heat, humidity and light. Moringa trees may like lots of sun but the sunlight is not good for the Moringa oleifera products.

    If you buy Moringa tea, don´t forget that whats inside the bag is very nutritious. After drinking your tea, open up the bag and use the powder in it for a milkshake, salad or any other dish. Other possibility is to feed your pets with it. Mix your pet food with the Moringa tea bag powder.

    Don't Like The Moringa Taste? Neutralize It!

    To enjoy a delicious Moringa drink, simply take half a teaspoon of Moringa powder, add a teaspoon of honey, squeeze a little of lemon, mix them together and add water.

    You can also drop a spoon of Moringa into your soup after cooking. Just enough Moringa not to spoil the original soup taste! Use your own imagination to neutralize the Moringa taste!

    When you buy Moringa powder, 6g of powder is a good starting amount to eat per day. A teaspoon is around 2 or 3 grams of moringa leaf powder. It roughly equates to 6 Moringa capsules. How to use Moringa

    moringa superfoodHow To Use Moringa Oleifera Tree Products

    The Moringa oleifera leaf, fresh or processed into dried powder, can be used as an every-day food item in a multitude of ways: in ready-made meals, juices, breads, pasta, fritters, condiments, instant soups, etc. Food made with Moringa products can be used in households, school cafeterias, dispensaries, maternity wards, nutrition rehabilitation centers, as well as in restaurants and supermarkets.

    1. Nutritional content of fresh Moringa oleifera tree leaveshow to use moringa

    Moringa oleifera tree leaves belong to the family of dark green leafy vegetables, a food group particularly rich in nutrients. In particular, the leaves are a good source of proteins, calcium, iron, ß-carotene (converted to vitamin A in the human body), vitamin C and vitamin E. In addition, Moringa oleifera leaves have a high dry matter content (around 20-25%) compared to most other plant food sources (generally around 10%). This makes it even more beneficial as a fresh vegetable since 100 grams of fresh leaves will bring twice as much nutritive material as 100 grams of most other vegetables.

    Eating 100 grams fresh Moringa oleifera tree leaves provides you with as much protein as an egg, as much calcium as a big glass of milk, as much iron as a 200 grams beef steak, as much vitamin A as a carrot and as much vitamin C as an orange.

    Indeed, 100 grams fresh Moringa oleifera leaves are enough to cover

    ° 30 to 100% of the daily recommended intake of calcium (30 to 50% for teenagers, 40 to 60% for adults, children and pregnant and breastfeeding women, 80 to 100% for young children below 3 years old)

    ° 25 to 80% of the daily recommended intake of iron (25% for pregnant women, 40-60% for teenagers and women, 50 to 100% for men and children).

    ° As for vitamins, the recommended daily intake for vitamin A varies from 400 μg retinol equivalents (young children) to 1,000 μg retinol equivalents (breastfeeding women).

    Therefore, 100 grams of fresh Moringa oleifera tree leaves could theoretically cover 100% of daily needs, but this is highly variable depending on storage conditions and how they are eaten, as vitamin A degrades over time and when exposed to light or heat. Similarly, 100 grams of fresh Moringa oleifera leaves could cover 100% of the vitamin C requirements, for which the recommended daily intake varies from 60 mg (young children) to 130 mg (breastfeeding women), but this vitamin degrades quickly with time and during cooking.

    ° For optimal nutrient retention, it is advised to consume fresh Moringa oleifera tree leaves shortly after harvesting and to cook the leaves for a short time (a few minutes only), or even to eat them raw if they are young and tender

    2. Nutritional content of dry Moringa oleifera tree leaf powder

    Another way of consuming Moringa leaves is to dry them and reduce them into powder, making it easier to store and use at any time. To ensure the good nutritional and microbiological quality of the leaf powder, its water content has to be lower than 7%, the drying time should be as short as possible and the drying temperature not too high (no more than 50-55°C).

    Even if a large amount of the vitamins are lost during drying and storage, the leaf powder still constitutes a very rich nutritional supplement, since it is a concentrate of the Moringa oleifera leaves.

    Moringa tree leaf powder can be stored for some time before it is consumed. If so, the leaf powder has to be stored in a water- air- and light-proof container to preserve as much vitamins as possible and avoid microbial contamination. In storage, the protein and mineral contents will be preserved for up to six months, whereas a loss of up to 50% of vitamins can be reached after six months of storage.

    Once the container is opened, the leaf powder should be consumed quickly (within one week) since its water content will increase and it will be exposed to microbial contamination. For this reason, it is advised to package Moringa oleifera leaf powder in rather small containers.

    3. Nutritional content of cooked Moringa oleifera leaves

    Fresh Moringa oleifera leaves can be eaten raw, if they are very young and tender, but usually they are cooked. Even if cooking the leaves destroys a part of their nutrients, notably vitamins, others become easier to assimilate. For this reason, it is important to consider various ways of cooking the leaves and to understand how to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients. This can be achieved by associating Moringa oleifera tree leaves with other ingredients that enhance the availability of nutrients, by cooking the leaves only for a short time, or by keeping the liquid (water, sauce) in which the Moringa oleifera leaves are cooked. Using Moringa oleifera leaf powder is also a way of preserving nutrients (although some have been lost during drying and storage), as the powder can be added to food after cooking.

    Moringa oleifera tree leaf powder per day cover

    Calcium - 10g

    ° About 30% of the recommended daily intake for children between 1 and 3 years old.

    ° About 25% of the recommended daily intake for children between 4 and 9 years old as well as adult women.

    ° About 15% of the recommended daily intake for teenagers and women over 55.

    Iron - 10g

    ° About 30% of the recommended daily intake for children between 1 and 12 years old.

    ° About 15% of the daily recommended intake for teenagers.

    ° About 20% of the daily recommended intake for adults over 55.

    ° About 12% of the recommended daily intake for adult women.

    ° About 7% of the recommended daily intake for pregnant women.

    Vitamin A - 10g

    ° 50 to 100% of the recommended daily intake for all population categories.

    Vitamin C

    A study from Sri Lanka showed that on average, leafy vegetables lose 32% of their vitamin C content when they are boiled for five minutes, and 54% in ten minutes. Steaming is less damaging, with 15% loss in five minutes and 39% loss in ten minutes. Cooking Moringa oleifera tree leaves or Moringa oleifera tree leaf powder the least possible time is thus a good way to preserve the vitamin C content.

    Beta-carotene 10g

    The World Vegetable Centre (AVRDC, Taiwan) showed that the retention of total carotene and beta-carotene of Moringa oleifera tree leaves was enhanced by adding oil to the leaves during pressure cooking (76-99% of retention with oil against 46-63% without).

    The bioavailability of Moringa plant nutrients

    The bioavailability of nutrients is the ability they have to be digested and used by the human body. The bioavailability of the iron provided by plants is lower than when provided by meat. A good way to improve the availability of iron to the body is to add vitamin C to the dish. This can be done by using lemon juice, lemon peel or fresh tomatoes.

    AVRDC demonstrated that boiling Moringa tree leaves in water enhanced the in vitro iron bioavailability of fresh leaves and leaves dried powder by 3.5 and 3 times, respectively. In addition, boiling the leaves in water enhanced aqueous antioxidant activity. This shows that cooking Moringa oleifera tree leaves does not necessarily have a negative impact on nutrient intake. The heat destroys some of the vitamin C, but improves the assimilation of iron. The best option is to vary consumption modes.

    4. Moringa oleifera - water soluble and fat soluble vitamins

    Vitamin C and all the B vitamins contained in the Moringa oleifera tree leaf are water-soluble. Other vitamins are soluble in fat: such is the case of vitamin A (ß-carotene) and E (a-tocopherol). When cooking fresh or dried leaves, the cooking water should be kept to benefit from the vitamins B and C, soluble in water. In addition, to render the fat-soluble vitamins A and E available, it is suggested that the leaves be cooked using oil or other sources of fat. Ideally, the Moringa leaves should be quickly boiled in a small quantity of water. Add both Moringa oleifera tree leaves and the cooking water to a sauce containing a source of fat. This way both water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins, only slightly diminished by cooking, are made available.


Moringa oleifera, a common tree with rare power. Moringa has multiple uses and medicinal benefits

  • moringa superfoodCan Moringa Help Combat Ebola?

    The current Ebola crisis underscores the seriousness of food scarcity in West Africa. Poor nutrition has a multiplier effect on the general moringa vs ebolawelfare of the population.

    A strong relationship exists between progression of the Ebola disease and nutrition. Experts are unanimous that nutritional status is a critical factor in survival chances of Ebola patients.

    “Clearly, for any acutely ill patient, nutritional status is extremely important,” said Bruce Ribner, medical director of the infectious diseases unit at Emory University Hospital. “If you have somebody who is well nourished and you have somebody who is poorly nourished, and they suffer the same illness, infectious or otherwise, the person who has better nutrition has a better survival outlook.”

    Although “Ebola kills even people in good health,” said Fabienne Pompey, a spokeswoman for the United Nations’ World Food Program in West Africa, ”poor nutrition can quicken the progression of the Ebola virus. Those with access to better nutrition are more able to fight disease. ”

    While researchers are working to find a Ebola cure, why not call Moringa to the rescue? The Moringa tree already grows in countries most affected. It could provide a local and cost effective way to deliver good nutrition. Moringa is not a cure but it can be part of the solution!

    You can take action now!

    Ask UN World Food Program to plant Moringa trees in Ebola affected areas

    moringa superfoodThe Moringa Tree Is Mama's Best Friend

    The Moringa leaves, maybe the best breast feeding supplement on the market?

    Moringa has been clinically proven to increase the production of breast milk whether it is consumed before or after the birth of a baby. For pregnant and breast-feeding women, Moringa leaves and pods can do much to preserve the mother's health and pass on strength to the fetus or nursing child

    Several studies demonstrated the lactation-enhancing effect of Moringa leaves as evidenced by a greater increase in maternal serum prolactin levels and percentages of gains in the infants' weights among the lactating mothers who take moringa leaves. It is therefore recommended its routine use among mothers of preterm infants to augment lactation, thereby ensuring an adequate supply of breastmilk in the population that needs it the most. Read more about Moringa for breastfeeding, pregnant and lactating mothers

    Boosting Your Infant's Nutrition with Moringa

    Case Study: Moringa Leaf Powder Treating Malnutrition In 1997-98, Alternative Action for African Development (AGADA) and Church World Service tested the ability of Moringa leaf powder to prevent or cure malnutrition in pregnant or breast-feeding women and their children in southwestern Senegal. Malnutrition was a major problem in this area, with more than 600 malnourished infants treated every year. During the test, doctors, nurses, and midwives were trained in preparing and using Moringa leaf powder for treating malnutrition. Village women were also trained in the preparation and use of Moringa leaf powder in foods. This test found the following effects to be common among subjects taking Moringa leaf powder: moring breasfeeding

     Children maintained or increased their weight and improved overall health.

     Pregnant women recovered from anemia and had babies with higher birth weights.

     Breast-feeding women increased their production of milk

    ATTENTION: Moringa appear to be able to induce abortions in pregnant rats. Moringa is advised to be taken in later stages of pregnancy(second trimester of pregnancy) and after pregnancy. Study Moringa infertility in early stages or preganacy

    Please consult your doctor before taking Moringa. There are many problems while pregnant and your doctor should be the one to approve any supplement or herb you take during that time period.

    Moringa as solution to iron deficiency

    Iron deficiency or anemia is very common among people, in particular women. Iron deficiency anaemia is one of the most widespread preventable nutritional problems in the world. Haemoglobin levels of the women in reproductive age can be significantly improved with intervention with Moringa oleifera leaves.

    Moringa has much more iron than spinach. 100 g of leaves or pods, or 25 g of leaf powder could provide all the daily needs of an adult, about 10-20 mg. Iron is one of those finicky nutrients that like good company in order to be absorbed and stay in your body! While many foods contain iron, it is not easily absorbed unless certain nutrients such as vitamin C and others are present. . . Since Moringa contains high amounts of vitamin C, it represents an excellent source of absorbable iron. Study of Moringa oleifera efficacy in treating iron deficiency in woman of reproductive age and one more study Effectiveness of Moringa oleifera leaf powder in treatment of anaemia

    moringa superfoodMoringa Potent Natural Aphrodisiac

    Moringa, a Natural Green Viagra? The rats say yes, give me more of that green pills!

    Moringa seeds and leaves could be an effective and safe alternative remedy in sexual disorders. Moringa has traditionally been used to boost sexual stamina and desire and to treat male sexual disorders. Scientific tests in rats, confirms that Moringa improve sexual performance,proving this traditional medicinemoringa aphrodisiac sex right. In Siddha medicine, the Moringa is used as a sexual virility drug for treating erectile dysfunction in men and also in women for prolonging sexual activity.

    Infertilty is one of the major health problems in couples’ lives; approximately 30% of couple’s  infertilities are due to male factors. Several conditions can interfere with spermatogenesis and reduce sperm quality and production. Many factors such as drug treatment, chemotherapy, toxins, air pollution, and insufficient vitamin intake may have harmful effects on spermatogenesis and the normal production of sperm.

    A large number of plants have ben tested throughout he world for the possible fertility regulatory properties. Some medicinal plants are extensively used as aphrodisiac to relieve sexual dysfunction, or as fertility enhancing agents. Moringa provide a boost of nutritional value thereby improving sexual performance and libido.

    Studies confirm traditional believes that Moringa oleifera ingestion may produce increased effects on fertility and reproductive system in adult males. It also lends support to the claims for traditional usage of Moringa oleifera as a sexual function enhancing medicine. At least in rats it works! You can try some Moringa seeds but please don't intoxicate yourself with it. Too much viagra can't be good for you! Study on potential aphrodisiac activity of Moringa oleifera seeds and another one Study effect of Moringa oleifera seeds on sexual activity

    Moringa oleifera leaves is a potential agent to manage sexual dysfunction induced by stress especially for acute and short term application. Further researches are warranted to confirm this activity before moving forward to clinical trial. Study Moringa oleifera leaves extract attenuates male sexual dysfunction

    moringa superfoodMoringa Oleifera High Antioxidant Content & Cancer Cell Anti-proliferation Activity

    In recent independent studies, the powder from the moringa tree leaves registered a higher ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score than any other food on the list. With an ORAC score of 157,000, Moringa Oleifera topped all the other moringa oracantioxidant superfoods including Acai berries, green tea, blueberries, dark chocolate, garlic, goji berries, pomegranates and red wine.

    ORAC measure the collective antioxidant power of various substances found together in a food. Antioxidants fight the oxidation process, a chemical reaction that can cause damage to many cells in your body. When there are disruptions in the natural oxidation process, highly unstable and potentially damaging molecules called free radicals are created. Oxygen triggers the formation of these destructive little chemicals, and, if left uncontrolled, they can cause damage to cells in the body. It's much like the chemical reaction that creates rust on a bicycle or turns the surface of a cut apple brown.

    Antioxidant and Anticancer Activities Of Moringa Oleifera Leaves

    From the earliest times, herbs have been prized for their pain-relieving and healing abilities and today we still rely largely on the curative properties of plants. According to World Health Organization, 80 % of the people living in rural areas depend on medicinal herbs as primary healthcare system. The synthetic anticancer remedies are beyond the reach of common man because of cost factor. Herbal medicines have a vital role in the prevention and treatment of cancer and medicinal herbs are commonly available and comparatively economical.

    The Moringa oleifera extract shows high antioxidant activity, potent cancer cell anti-proliferation, and induction of quinone reductase. These findings indicate the medicinal value of Moringa oleifera in terms of cancer chemotherapy and chemoprevention.

    Many studies conclude that Moringa oleifera leaves is a potential solution as natural anti cancer. Further investigation necessary for its use in the cases of clinical anticancer activity. Study Moringa anticancer activity and another Anticancer effect of Moringa oleifera leaf extract on human breast cancer cell

    moringa superfoodAntibacterial activity Moringa oleifera

    Antimicrobial resistance has become a global problem. Strategies to improve the current situation include research in finding new and
    innovative antimicrobials. moringa antibacterial

    Approximately 20% of the plants found in the world have been submitted to pharmacological or biological tests, and a substantial number of new antibiotics introduced on the market are obtained from natural or semi-synthetic resources. In developing countries, due to the cost of efficient antimicrobials, a large proportion of the population utilizes medicinal plants for the of infectious diseases. According to the World Health Organization’s estimation, traditional healing provides the primary health care needs for a large majority (80%) of the population in Africa.

    The leaf extracts of Moringa oleifera have varying antimicrobial activity on wide range of microorganisms. Moringa extracts showed to be more effective than traditional antibiotics to combat certain pathogenic microorganisms studied. In vitro studies demonstrated that folk medicine can be as effective as modern medicine to combat pathogenic microorganisms. The use of these plants in folk medicine suggests that they represent an economic and safe alternative to treat infectious diseases. Moringa could be a source of new antibiotic compounds.

    Moringa oleifera leaves contain bio-components whose antibacterial potentials are highly comparable with that of the antibiotic tetracycline. Moringa oleifera could become promising natural antimicrobial agents with potential applications in pharmaceutical industry for controlling pathogenic bacteria. However, if plant extracts are to be used for medicinal purposes, issues of safety and toxicity will always need to be considered. Study antibacterial evaluation of Moringa Oleifera

    Leaves of Moringa oleifera is nature’s solution to maintaining a hygienic hand. Lab tests have shown that Moringa oleifera leaf powder has potential effect as a hand washing product. Moringa oleifera could be very useful in places where soap or water is not available, and where this tree grows naturally. It could also be a
    cheap and healthy hand-washing optional product. Study Moringa as antibacterial hand washing

    moringa superfoodNutritional and Clinical Rehabilitation Of Severely Malnourished Children With Moringa Oleifera

    Moringa is a very simple and readily available tool to help prevent malnutrition. It is a drought-resistant and fast growing tree which is present in nearly all tropical and sub-tropical countries. Moringa grows best, exactly where it is needed the mostmoringa malnutrition

    Moringa leaves can be produced intensively in a family-size small garden. The seeds can be spaced as closely as ten centimeters apart. When the plants reach a height of a meter, they can be cut down to a height of 30 centimeters. The leaves can be stripped from the stems and used to prepared sauces or dried for long-term storage as a nutritious food additive, and the stems fed to livestock. The stumps survive the harvest and will re-sprout, allowing another harvest in as little as fifty days. Using this technique, a Moringa garden can continually produce green matter for several years with very little labor required. See images instructions how to build a backyard Moringa gardening

    A study was designed to evaluate the impact of Moringa oleifera in improving the nutritional status of vulnerable groups, including children. The monitoring of severely malnourished children allowed us to objectively assess the impact of Moringa oleifera leaf powder consumption on these patients.

    The study allowed us to appreciate the benefits to nutritional recovery of the Moringa oleifera leaf powder, by assessing parameters such as daily weight gain, recovery speed, hemoglobin rate, and side effects. The acceptability of Moringa oleifera amongst patients was good. The study shows that Moringa moringa , packed with nutritional potential, can be used as a dietary supplement, and may contribute to the fight against malnutrition. Study combat malnutrition with Moringa oleifera

    moringa superfoodZeatin in Moringa Slowing Down Of Aging Processes

    In ideal conditions Moringa oleifera plants can grow several feet in a short timeframe. This ability for quick and substantial growth of the plant are linked to the effects of Zeatin(plant hormones that induce cell division, growth, and delay aging of cells). Zeatin is also linked to anti-aging or the slowing down of aging processes in the human body. Zeatin is a more natural way to support skin health by regenerating new skin cells. When the diet includes these plant nutrients, the body as a whole can fight aging, starting at the cellular level.

    Found in most plants, Zeatin is more abundant in one plant than any other. Moringa oleifera is Zeatin king, in comparison to other plants.

    Zeatin increases the activity of anti-oxidants to counter act the damage caused by free radicals(wikipedia free-radical theory of aging) during cell aging and protects healthy cells from the stress of daily life. Zeatin slows the aging process by helping the body replace cells at a faster rate than they age, giving a more youthful appearance to the skin. Study on youth-preserving effects of zeatin on human skin

    In addition to their essential roles in the growth and development of plants, cytokinins(zeatin) have various effects in man and animals at both cellular and whole organism levels. Hence, cytokinins and their derivatives have many potential therapeutic applications, including possible efficacy in the treatment of proliferative diseases such as cancer. Study on effects of cytokinins(Zeatin) on human cells

    Moringa extract is capable of revitalizing the skin and reducing signs of skin aging. See results achieved in this investigation Enhancement of human skin facial revitalization by moringa leaf extract cream

    Time to try out a homemade Moringa facemask? Here a recipe:

    After drinking your Moringa tea, open the tea bags and put the content in a bowl. Add a little baking powder, honey, rice flower, mix it till you have a nice paste. If you have moringa oil, why not join in a little of it? Gently rub this mixture over your face and leave it as long as you like. Enjoy your new face!

    moringa superfoodMoringa Leaf Juice As A Natural Plant Growth Promoter

    Moringa is a fast growing tree that can reach up to 3 meters in its first year. Something makes it grow that fast. Can it also help other moringa fertilizerplants grow faster, stronger, bigger?

    Among naturally occurring plant growth stimulants, Moringa oleifera has attained enormous attention because of having cytokinin in addition to other growth enhancing compounds.

    Study results showed that 30 times diluted Moringa leaf extract priming in wheat under normal conditions was found to be effective. Moringa leaf extract priming improves the seedling emergence rate, speed and early growth and increased level of antioxidants, leaf total soluble protein and chlorophyll contents.

    Juice from fresh Moringa leaves can be used to produce a good and effective plant growth hormone. This hormone increased yields by 25-30% in a variety of crops including maize, onions, soya, sorghum, coffee and melon. Zeatin is the natural plant hormone from cytokinine group, involved in increasing the yield of crops.

    Leaf extracts of Moringa oleifera can accelerate growth of young plants, strengthened plants as a whole, improved plants resistance to pests and diseases, increase leaf area duration, increased number of rots, produce more and larger fruits and generally increased yield. Zeatin plays a vital role in keeping the plants green for a longer period of time. Study on the potential of Moringa leaf extract as natural plant growth enhancer

    From the results of both the greenhouse and field experiments, Moringa leaf extract increases growth and yields of tomatoes. It may be concluded the higher the frequency of moringa application, the greater the increase in plant height, dry matter and yield of the crop. Study effect of Moringa extract on growth and yield of tomato

    moringa superfoodBenefits of Moringa Oleifera In Use As Animal Feed

    A great fodder for cattle: Moringa tree has been of great use not only to the human beings in terms of their health in one form or the other but also animal-eat-moringafor their livestock. Moringa makes a great fodder for cattle. The weight of livestock increased up to 32 per cent through moringa feed. And their milk yield of cows increased by 43 percent. More info on Moringa as animal feed.

    Policy makers and research and extension institutions should formulate programs focusing on generating awareness among local communities and farmers, especially among those who are engaged in livestock production, to emphasize the planting of moringa as a crop for their livestock. Study on Potential of M. oleifera as livestock fodder crop.

    Moringa as fish food - An alternative plant protein source in fish diet Study moringa alternative plant protein source in fish diet

    And finally a list of conclusions and recommendations from a study of Moringa diet for rabbits. Whats good for rabbis must be good for other animals, right?

     Moringa plants are fast-growing and produce high biomass within a short time period when cultivated. A yield of 616.40 kg/ha dry matter could be obtained at first cut using a planting distance of 1.30 m × 1.30 m.
     Moringa leaf meal could be used to improve daily weight gain, and dry matter and crude protein digestibility of rabbits.
     Moringa leaf meal diets produced similar economic benefits as soya bean meal diet.
     Moringa leaf meal is non-toxic to rabbits at least at the 20% diet inclusion level.
     Moringa leaf meal has the potential to reduce cholesterol level in blood and the meat of rabbits.
     Moringa leaf meal has the potential to produce leaner carcass due to reduced fat deposition in the muscles of rabbits.
     Moringa leaf meal could be used to replace soyabean meal partially or completely in rabbit diets as a non-conventional protein source, not withstanding the present high cost of the moringa leaf meal.

    Recommendation: Research to support improved production techniques of the moringa plant is, however, needed to enable farmers produce the meal at lower cost for economic use in animal feeding. Study of Moringa diet for rabbits

    moringa superfoodThe Seeds From Moringa Oleifera Tree Can Purify Water

    Researchers from all around the world agree that Moringa seeds can give a more moringa seeds purify waterefficient purification process than conventional synthetic materials in use today.

    In many countries it is still difficult to obtain clean water. But not only Third World countries can benefit from Moring seeds as a water purifier. Even developed countries can benefit from a process that treats waste water without addition of further synthetic chemicals.

    Results from studies show that the clusters of material (flocs) that are produced with the protein are much more tightly packed than those formed with conventional flocculating agents. This is better for water purification as such flocs are more easily separated.

    Crushed Moringa seeds clarify and purify water to suit domestic use and lower the bacterial concentration in the water making it safe for drinking. See how to purify water with Moringa seeds.

    Read the study on efficiency of Moringa tree seeds to purify water



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