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Moringa Flowers

Moringa flowers are considered a delicacy in many places.They are often mixed into other foods. You can mix the Moringa flowers in salads or fry the flowers in Moringa oil and eat the fried Moringa flowers as a snack. Especially popular is Moringa oleifera tea. The flowers sit in hot water for at least five minutes to let the distinctive flavor brew. The Moringa flowers tea is considered to have nutritional benefits and to be a powerful medicine.


Honey producer: Flowers are a good source of nectar for honey-producing bees

Moringa Flowers

moringa flowers

Moringa flowers can be harvested at any time. The younger flowers are better, quality wise. The flowers contain a fair amount of both Calcium and potassium and provide nectar for bees as well.

Moringa Flowers

The Moringa oleifera flowers are creamy white in color, with yellow stamens.

Moringa oleifera flowers average about one inch in diameter. The Moringa oleifera first bloom when the tree is eight months old.















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Whats in the name? The Moringa oleifera names: Moringa tree of life . Moringa never die tree . Moringa a arvore milagre . Drumstick tree . Moringa the magic tree . Moringa l'arbre de la vie . Moringa baum des lebens . Moringa el árbol de la vida . Tree of paradise . Acácia branca . Moringa Ben aile . Horseradish tree . Moringa a arvore da vida . Moringa behenbaum . Moringa wonderboom . Moringa the miracle tree . Moringa the best mothers' friend . Moringa Wunderbaum . Moringa a arvore magica . Moringa l’arbre miracle .