Private Label: Start Building Your Own Brand Today!

You can choose from our ingredient database, moringa and other superfoods, to create a vitamin, supplement, health drink or cosmetic product line that will bear your own logo, private label.

We have a variety of pre-designed formulas ready and just waiting to be produced, packaged & marketed under your brand!

Make your own Moringa food supplements private label or a line of high quality Moringa skincare products.

Private label of energy drinks, health shots. We enable you to turn your beverage concepts into shelf ready products.

Choose from an array of supplement types & dosage designs aimed at almost any market segment.

All products are checked by experts and certificates are confirmed according to EU regulations.

Made in Germany, fast and safe delivery all over the world. A partner you can trust! Contact: info (at)

ownlabelMaking Your Vision of Dietary Supplement and Cosmetic Product a Reality

We can produce your customized product in a variety of formats: capsules, powders, liquids, solids! Our goal is to provide you with the contract manufacturing means, technology, research base and expertise to create unique health & wellness, skin care product solutions – the only limit is your imagination.

Private Label - Product Development

We can provide you with dietary supplements and cosmetic products according to your individual request, imagination and sales strategy.

Dietary supplements and cosmetic products can only develop its effects if the processed raw materials are used in a reasonable combination and sufficient quantity. For this reason, the composition of the products is developed and optimised in cooperation with modern laboratories according to latest scientific knowledge.

The formulations are checked by independent, sworn experts and the certificates of marketability as well as the safety evaluation reviews are evaluated and confirmed according to current EU regulations.
The products are classified as foodstuff, dietary supplement as well as cosmetic products and vendible without any special permission.

By means of our formulation data bank we have access to countless designs. Moreover, we are able to modify these designs exactly according to your specifications and requests.

We are looking forward to receiving your enquiry and to creating your individual product.


Contract manufacturing of dietary supplement and cosmetic products according to our customer's request


Private Label - Dietary supplements

Services in the field of dietary supplements:

  • Product development
  • Verification of marketability
  • Safety evaluations
  • Microbiological examination of bulk and finished goods
  • Balanced diets according to §14b dietary regulation
  • Dietary products according to §14a dietary regulation
  • Revision of existing formulations

Products in Capsules

  • Inserted cellulose and gelatine capsules filled with plant powder, plant extracts, mixtures of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and herbs
  • Soft gelatine and soft cellulose capsules filled with plant oils and pastes

Tablets and other solid products

  • Pressed plant powder and/or extracts,
  • Mixtures of vitamins

Products in form of powder

  • Protein and mineral drinks
  • Drinking diets according to §14a dietary regulation
  • Mixtures of plant powder, vitamins and mineral nutrients

Products in liquid form

  • Drinking diet in ampoules
  • Concentrates of mineral and herbal drinks
  • Concentrates of amino acid drinks or beverages ready to drink
  • Mixture of different fruit juices

Products in solid form

  • Fitness cereals
  • Protein bar
  • etc.

Private Label - Cosmetic products

Services in the field of cosmetic products:

  • Product development
  • Stability test
  • Microbiological examination of bulk and finished goods
  • Endurance testing regarding preservatives
  • Issue of product details according to 6th EG changing guide line of cosmetic regulation 
    (e. g. summary according to INCI)
  • Epicutane test
  • Revision of existing formulations

Products for personal hygiene

  • Crèmes and lotions
  • Fluids, sprays etc.

Cleansing products

  • Shampoos and shower gels
  • Peelings
  • Bath essences etc.


  • Perfumes and mixtures of perfumes with pheromones




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From idea to final product.

You have an idea that will change the way people view & care for their health. We can help you turn that idea into a finished, ready-for-sale product! we provide everything from industry-leading science & formulation expertise to streamlined production and packaging facilities.


Are you searching Something Special for Your Product?

We create, realize and produce your new packaging including display for sell and carton for dispatch if requested. Our in-house graphic department develops the whole product design for you, beginning from the label up to promotional means of advertising. We will work with you throughout the entire supplement creation process – from raw concept to labels & packaging. Whether you are customizing an existing product or designing something completely new. Together we will bring your unique vitamin or supplement to life!


In Harmony with Nature

Ethics and respect to nature are principles accompanying the whole production process. Our products are developed and produced under strictest ecological standards. We endeavour to offer you products as natural as possible. We use verified and chosen raw materials which are free of genetic modification and preferentially from organic cultivation. A gentle and natural processing ensures the conservation of ingredients and active ingredients. As far as possible we do not use any sweetening and preservatives. We offer you the possibility to acquire natural products of high quality.


Transparency and Trust with Business Relationship

We’re more than your supplier – we’re your business partner. We have the capacity for large-scale projects and complex formulation processes. We know trust is the cornerstone of any business relationship, and we’re ready to earn yours. We operate with a high level of transparency – which translates directly to better service and value for our contract manufacturing customers.


We Make the Supplement and Cosmetic Products Your Business Needs

Our scientists, formulators and product development professionals turn your sports nutrition, vitamin, health supplement, cosmetic product ideas into viable, stable products in our state-of-the-art facilities – with stringent quality-controls that ensure your finished product arrives on time.



Moringa cosmetics, moringa oil, moringa supplements, moringa superfood, moringa capsules, moringa powder, moringa extract, moringa tea, moringa shots, moringa drinks, moringa animal feed, moringa pills, moringa private label, moringa cosmetic line, organic moringa

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