Moringa the Miracle Tree

Increase Breast Milk with Moringa


Increase Breast Milk with Moringa

FAO/EU Complementary Feeding Guide and Recipes for Children 6-23 Months Old. Read feeding children aged 6-23 month

When you're pregnant, eating healthy foods is more important than ever. You need more protein, iron, calcium, and folic acid than you did before pregnancy. You also need more calories. But "eating for two" doesn't mean eating twice as much. It means that the foods you eat are the main source of nutrients for your baby. Sensible, balanced meals will be best for you and your baby.

Moringa for Breastfeeding Mothers

Studies demonstrate the lactation-enhancing effect of moringa leaves as evidenced by the significantly greater increase in the volume of milk expressed by mothers on the 3rd to the 5th postpartum day given Moringa oleifera.

Moringa oleifera leaves increase the volume of breastmilk produced by mothers of preterm infants on post-partum days 3 to 5. We therefore recommend its routine use among mothers of preterm infants to augment lactation, thereby ensuring an adequate supply of breastmilk in the population that needs it the most.

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Malnutrition is a worldwide scourge. It is rampant both in under-developed countries, as an outcome of food deficiencies resulting from under-nourishment, and in developed countries, where it is due to obesity resulting from wealth and over-eating. Under-nourishment and over-eating both have harmful consequences for the health of the individual.

Among breast-feeding women, consumption of Moringa oleifera powder increases milk production, which means that this product offers not inconsiderable back-up for women exclusively breast-feeding their infants. Consumption of Moringa oleifera protects infants from certain infectious diseases. Monitoring the weight of breastfeeding infants (weighing sessions) reveals that 80% of the children out of the 248 have an ideal weight in relation to their age, and the health of mothers taking Moringa oleifera is satisfactory.

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The Moringa Oleifera plant is the most inexpensive and credible alternative to not only providing good nutrition, but also the cure and prevention of a lot of diseases.

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