Moringa the Miracle Tree

The Demi God of the Beans Gets Superpowers From Moringa – Now you too can use this unique and only way to communicate with the Demi God of the beans!

Kyamites Kάτι – The Demi God of the Beans is the Church of reality deity!

Kάτιanism is a movement that promotes a light-hearted view of religion and opposes any supernatural powers, things not subject to the laws of physics, or more figuratively, that which is said to exist above and beyond nature. The Kάτιanism Church is all about reality and truth. Therefor Kyamites Kάτι is a true and real God. The Gospel According to Kyamites Kάτι Long time ago, when there was nothing. No sounds or silence, no dark or light, no smell, no forms… There was absolutely nothing at all, not even nothing existed. There were only Gods One day the Gods decided to change things. As you can imagine, it was extremely boring to live in nothingness. So they create everything. The planets, stars and the entire universe… you name it! Gods power was so immense that they even could create other gods. Tired of being perfect and creating perfect things, the Gods went on to make a different experiment, something more exciting. They decided to create the earth, a little planet with animals, plants, peace, war, life, death, energy and some sort of evolution thing. A planet that was just a little unpredictable, not like the rest of the universe where all was perfect. The Gods had a sort of program machine called destiny. They could set a destiny or control much on earth but not all of it. There was always a chance that things could spin out of control but that did not worry them much. They could fix anything again with their immense power. To keep track of events on earth, they created several Demi Gods that would live on earth and also could travel to Gods parallel universes to deliver reports and receive orders. The earth was Gods sort of entertainment. Just like we watch tv, they were watching us through the Demi Gods eyes. “How will we call this one?” asked one of the gods. “Does not matter, just call him Kyamites something or anything” answered another god. And so, on a Friday, the 13th was Kyamites Kάτι (Kάτι means something or anything in Greek) born.  Many centuries later his creation the Gods realize their big mistake and labeled that day, Friday the 13th as a bad lucky day… for a good reason. Kyamites was the most unpredictable thing they ever created. Wild and impossible to control. Kyamites Kάτι became the most rebellious Demi God of them all. So rebellious, he could not stand living under orders and accept the mighty gods control. He had to get free. He had to get rid of the destiny machine and the control of the Gods. He became the Demi God of the beans due to the superpowers he acquires when eating them. Immense powers but it did not work well every time he ate beans. The beans that always work and gave him the most powerful powers are the moringa beans. 1800 years ago, is the last time Kyamites Kάτι was seen. He vanished without trace. Seeing how rebellious, wild, uncontrollable and unpredictable the Demi God Something was, all the Gods agreed to paralyze Kyamites and eradicate all moringas from the universe so that kyamites could never ever have a chance to resuscitate again. But, there is a but. The gods left a little Moringa seed buried under the glaciers of the Himalays. Moringa - The Never Die Tree, is native to the foothills of the Himalayas. In recent years the Moringa cultivation is on the rise all over the world… That counts for Greece too. Coincidence or not, a Moringa tree was planted right where the gods would never wanted it to be planted. Didn’t they have all destiny on earth in their hands? Were they sleeping? No one knows for sure. And again by coincidence or destiny, on a Friday 13th, kyamites kati was reincarnated, resuscitated. Second time bad luck for the gods J Do you believe in something or anything? Then you believe in Kyamites Kάτι; the only god that is something and anything 🙂

Comments to The Demi God of the Beans Gets Superpowers From Moringa – Now you too can use this unique and only way to communicate with the Demi God of the beans!

  • How can moringa be use in treating weak erection in men? And how can it treat hotness of the foot? i ve studied most of its functions except the treatment of weak erection or, weak organ in men. kindly give me the answers please.

    Omokhai Godday January 2, 2016 8:42 am Reply
  • Kyamites the Demi God of the Beans can’t guaranty the effectiveness of Moringa on human beings but it sure works on human beans!

    The best way to be sure that moringa is good for your cases, is to eat it on a regular basis for a couple of weeks.

    Moringa can do no wrong.

    The beans be with you!

    vibronix January 2, 2016 9:01 am Reply
  • am intrested in moringa miracle tree

    luke killis April 4, 2016 4:45 am Reply

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