Moringa the Miracle Tree

WARNING: Beware of Moringa oleifera tree bad cultivation or manufacturing practices

The flow of Moringa oleifera products onto the market is skyrocketing. Moringa, a practically unknown plant few years ago, is now more trendy then many other popular plants.

  Although it is good that more people became aware of Moringa tree benefits, it's fame brings bad things along. Take a good look at this report (feb - 2015) video report - supplement bad practices in major USA shops The market place has plenty low quality Moringa oleifera manufactures attempting to capitalize on unsuspecting and uneducated consumers. A large amount of Moringa oleifera products on the market are made from cheap Moringa with lack of product quality control. While these products may be affordable, they may not be as the label says. Moringa oleifera nutrients could also easily be lost in the manufacturing process and, or amount of time the product takes, to go from a living plant into your hands. Moringa oil could be faked, not the real stuff or be mixed with other oils. Therefore buyer beware. Moringa oil is 20 times the cost of vegetable oil so the motivation is definitely there for diluting the oil with something cheaper. Remember that the point of buying Moringa oleifera tree products is the incredible amount of nutrients and properties it contains, not just to buy green powerless powder compressed into capsules with a nice name on it. Therefor beware from whom and where you buy Moringa products.

Comments to WARNING: Beware of Moringa oleifera tree bad cultivation or manufacturing practices

  • I was told to avoid Moringa coming out of India and China due to contamination issues. Shame since Moringa originated from India, but when it comes to commercial production they tend to cut a lot of corners in those 2 countries. Not worth the health risk!

    Alyssa February 2, 2016 2:15 am Reply
  • Hey

    Can moringa be planted in South Africa SOWETO. I would love to have some trees.

    Alitta Mahe July 21, 2016 6:49 pm Reply
  • Two years ago I bought 3 bottles of Moringa Oleifera all Natural and Organic supplement from Dinah Veeris in Curacao. I haven’t used it, there was no expiration date on the bottles, I am wondering if I can use it now.

    Joy Rentz November 4, 2016 6:38 pm Reply

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