Moringa the Miracle Tree

Wheatgrass for Healthy Living

Over the ages, people have been trying various superfoods to ensure good health and overall wellness. These magical foods have now become a part of day to day diet, not just as a medicine but meals and sub-meals. Wheatgrass is one such food from the superfood family. Its health benefits are widely advocated by people from diverse geographies. Be it detoxifying the body, dental health, acting as an antiseptic, pain reliever or aiding in skin issues, wheatgrass is wonderful remedy for all. Don't be surprised if you go to a medical shop or a super bazaar and see Wheatgrass products all over. Not just in the form of juices, but also powders and ointments, wheatgrass products are now readily available in your vicinity. Not just from the health aspect, people who are known foodies and try new recipes at every single chance, wheatgrass offers them numerous food and drink choices. Easily using blenders and juicers, one can prepare them anytime. Adding additional ingredients make way for discovering newer recipes. This beautiful infographic from shed more on wheatgrass. Enjoy!  

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