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Why Nourish With Coconut ?

Coconut is another wonderful offering from mother nature. People have been using Coconut for ages, not just in the form of a fruit but its usage is manifolds.
An excellent source of vitamins and other minerals, Coconut is a complete fruit. It is known to help in several health issues like skins problems, weight loss, detoxifying body, digestion, high blood pressure etc.  Consumption of Coconut works wonders towards general wellness.
In summers, Coconut water works as a natural coolant for athletes and sports persons. Coconut adds to the variety of juices and drinks that you take during all seasons. It is just as easily available as are other juices to make. Others can simply enjoy its refreshing taste, enriched with loads of health benefits.
Even Coconut shells, branches and leaves have assorted usage. From making craft items like ornaments, embellishing stuff, wood work to essential household pieces, Coconut is applied to just about everything in daily life.
The below infographic on Coconut  from would certainly encourage you to try it once, if you haven't done before -

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