Moringa the Miracle Tree

The Easiest Way to Put A Miracle in Your Backyard

The Moringa Tree is probably one of the quickest growing trees I have ever seen in my life. You plant it, and the next day you go outside it's practically doubled in size. But that is not the best thing about this tree of many names. I know it as Moringa, but others may know it as Drumstick tree, Miracle Tree, or by its technical namesake; moringa oleifera. This tree is considered a superfood. Every single part of the moringa is edible. From the cleverly clustered leaves down to the roots. Yes. You can eat it all. So when the stuff hits the fan, and all hell breaks least my family will have nourishment! They have known about the moringa tree for years. Research has discovered quite the treasure trove of health benefits from this tree. It amazes me why it’s not mainstream (not really). The moringa has been shown to improve diabetes, reduce body weight, total cholesterol, it's an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial...and the list goes on and on! Literally. You don’t have to buy moringa pills or extracts when you can just plant the tree. But I suppose if you are not able to plant your very own moringa tree then getting moringa in those alternative forms can be effective as well. I knew that the moringa was a nutritious tree, but I really haven’t utilized it. I guess I never really grasped the actual edible concept of the tree because it is a foreign ingredient to me. Where I went wrong was, I didn’t invest the time to see how I could incorporate eating the moringa into my lifestyle. You know how it is; I just accepted the information, and stored it for later use! I can’t be the only one that does that. Recently, however, I went out to my backyard and harvested the leaves of my moringa tree and cooked the moringa leaves like you would sauté spinach. I paired it withJapanese sweet potatoes that we also grew. It was so good! I was really sleeping on my moringa tree. I highly recommend you check your local nursery and if you are able to invest in a moringa tree. They are inexpensive and grow very quickly. You simply have too for the health benefits alone. Interestingly enough, the moringa tree is of distant relation to the cabbage and papaya. Who would have thought? Especially since the first time I saw the tree it really reminded me of a eucalyptus tree. I could just imagine a Koala perched up in the limbs of the tree eating a branch of moringa leaves. It’s funny because moringa leaves and eucalyptus leaves look nothing alike! I don’t know why, but that's just what it reminds me of for some reason. Anyway, it's a beautiful tree. The moringa leaves are so dainty. They are like little green petals clustered together, but the foliage isn't dense and allows for sunlight to pass through. It always has bunches of white blossoms on it before it produces the huge long seed pods dubbed drumsticks by northern India. A couple of moringa trees would accent any landscape quite nicely. I’m not ashamed to be the unofficial spokesperson for the moringa tree at all! Reference

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