Moringa the Miracle Tree

The Rise of Moringa in 2017

In recent years, Moringa plant has gradually been appearing in the western world. However, it seems that 2017 is going to be the year in which it finally takes off in terms of popularity. Now, more than ever, a large number of people from Western Europe and the United States have realized the nutritional benefits of Moringa Oleifera. Perspectives are that this plant has tremendous potential to become the next superfood, as predicted by some nutritional experts during the last five years. Let's list some of the reasons why Moringa is going to be the new superfood hit of 2017:

Increased exposure

A few yearas ago, nobody knew this plant. This is the biggest barrier for something to become popular with the general public. But in 2016 that changed. Not only it is spoken of in health niches or in scientific studies. Mass media such as CNN, TIME, The Washington Post and others have talked about the health benefits of moringa, bringing it to the western world. Now, this trend continues to rise and more people will begin to know more about this miraculous vegetable.

Higher availability

The increased exposure and availability of the moringa go hand in hand. The moringa was not considered as an ingredient to incorporate it into many recipes until recently. Now, not only it has become common in nutritional supplements, but also in diet shakes, powders, lotions and a wide variety of health and personal care products.

Supplementation industry is expanding

The supplement industry continues its explosive growth year after year. Once again, sales records have been achieved in this sector in 2016, with more and more people claiming to take nutritional supplements on a regular basis to nourish themselves with all the important vitamins and minerals. If we put together the incredible natural potential of moringa, combined with a rising sector, there are a lot of opportunities that products such as powder or moringa capsules will occupy an important place in the health market. It looks like 2017 is going to be a great year for moringa. If you do not want to stay behind, start taking this fantastic food.

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