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Moringa Oleifera on Human Cancer Cells!

The pods and seeds of the Moringa tree protect cells from oxidation damage.

– Antiproliferation and induction of apoptosis by Moringa oleifera leaf extract on human cancer cells

– Moringa oleifera with prostate cancer chemopreventive polyphenols

– Chemomodulatory effect of Moringa oleifera, Lam, on hepatic…

Moringa & Diabetes

Low levels of vitamin E and D are associated with a higher risk of diabetes. Moringa has been used for centuries by healers in India to treat diabetes.

– Alpha-glucosidase inhibitory activity and lipid-lowering mechanisms of Moringa oleifera leaf extract.

– Novel hypotensive agents from Moringa oleifera: isolation of first naturally occurring carbamates

– Hypocholesterolemic effects of crude extract of leaf of Moringa oleifera  in high-fat diet fed wistar rats

– Comparative Effects of Moringa Oleifera Tea on Normal and Hyperglycemic Patients

– Effects of Oral Administration of Moringa oleifera  on Glucose Tolerance

– Effect of Moringa oleifera Lam. leaves aqueous extract therapy

Moringa & Liver Health

Liver protective activity of the Moringa oil (also known as Ben Oil) has been used as part of a therapeutic regime in Hepatic (Hepatitus) disorders. 

– Protective role of Moringa oleifera seed on arsenic-induced hepatocellular degeneration

– Moringa: Chronic benzylamine administration in the drinking water improves glucose tolerance, reduces body weight gain and circulating cholesterol

Moringa & Kidney Health

The renoprotective qualities in Moringa protect the kidneys from harmful effects by reducing the formation of free radicals.

– Protective effect of Moringa oleifera leaves against gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicity

– Effect of Moringa oleifera root-wood on ethylene glycol induced urolithiasis

Moringa – anti ulcer

The flower bud of Moringa widely consumed in Pakistan has been reported to possess antiulcer activity 

– Moringa oleifera induced potentiation of serotonin release by 5-HT(3) receptors in experimental ulcer model.

– Potential of Moringa oleifera root and Citrus sinensis fruit rind extracts in the treatment of ulcerative colitis

– Effect of Leaves and Fruits of Moringa oleifera on Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers

– Anti-Ulcer and Antioxidant Activity of Moringa Oleifera Leaves against Aspirin and Ethanol Induced Gastric Ulcer

Moringa & anemia

Moringa Oleifera has been used to supplement Anemia. Caused by lack of Iron, deficiency without the harsh side effects of iron pills 

– Moringa oleifera Leaf Extract Modulates the Evidences of Hydroxyurea -Induced Testicular Derangement

– Effect of Ethanolic Leaf Extract of Moringa oleifera on Aluminum-induced Anemia

Moringa & Antibiotics

The antibiotic properties in Moringa have been known to inhibit the growth of microorganisms naturally. The seeds of the Moringa plant contain a natural antibiotic that has been used to control infection.

– Antibacterial effect of Moringa oleifera and Annona muricata against gram bacteria

– Antibacterial activity of leaf juice and extracts of Moringa oleifera against some human pathogenic bacteria

– In vitro antibacterial effect of aqueous and ethanolic Moringa leaf extracts

Moringa & High Blood Pressure

Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Zinc are all essential for the regulation of blood pressure. As Moringa is rich in all these nutrients, it lowers the risk of hypertension by promoting proper blood vessel function

– Hypocholesterolemic effects of crude extract of leaf of Moringa oleifera 

– Effects Moringa oleifera extract on the development of monocrotaline (MCT)-induced pulmonary hypertension 

Moringa Antioxidant Activity

Antioxidants play an important role in inhibiting and scavenging free radicals, thus providing protection to human against infections and degenerative diseases. 

– Antioxidant properties of Moringa oleifera leaf extracts and enzymatic activity 

– Antioxidant activity and total phenolic content of Moringa oleifera leaves in two stages of maturity.

– Antioxidant activity of Moringa oleifera tissue extracts.

Moringa & antistress

Assessment of Moringa oleifera for Its Antistress, Antioxidant, and Scavenging Potential