Moringa Flowers

Moringa Flowers

Moringa flowers are considered a delicacy in many places. They are often mixed into other foods. You can mix the Moringa flowers in salads or fry the flowers in Moringa oil and eat the fried Moringa flowers as a snack. Especially popular is Moringa oleifera tea. The flowers sit in hot water for at least five minutes to let the distinctive flavor brew. The Moringa flower tea is considered to have nutritional benefits and to be a powerful medicine. Moringa Flowers are also a good source of nectar for honey-producing bees.

Moringa Flowers

Moringa Oleifera tree is a fast growing tree, and just after eight months comes it’s first bloom with traditional seeds. For early flowering and increased flower and seed pod yield consider growing PKM-1 Moringa seeds. Moringa flowers are approximately one inch in diameter and a creamy white color. They could be harvested at any time, but younger flowers are better, quality wise. These flowers are considered a delicacy in many places on the planet. Some people say that they taste like mushrooms. You can mix Moringa flowers in a salad or fry them in Moringa oil, as well as add them to many different dishes Moringa flowers could be either dry in the shade, or in the oven under low temperature to be stored for tea making. The flowers sit in hot water for at least five minutes to let the distinctive flavor brew. After that tea could be sweetened with honey or sugar. After 8 to 12 months, the moringa tree begins to flower and continues year round. The flowers can be eaten or used to make a tea. In Haiti, tea from the flowers is drunk for colds. The flowers provide good amounts of calcium and potassium. Moringa flowers also provide a year-round source of nectar for bees, although some have claimed that honeybees do not gather nectar from moringa.

Moringa Flowers Use In Traditional medicine

The flowers are often brewed into a strong medicinal tea or pressed for the juice they contain. In both cases, the resulting drink is used in Ayurvedic practice to treat urinary tract infections, to manage the symptoms of the common cold and as a supplement for breast-feeding women to help increase the flow of milk and the nutritional value it provides to babies.

Moringa Flowers Modern Medical Uses

Recent studies have shown that extracts from the moringa flower can be used to reduce inflammation and muscle spasms in laboratory rats. The diuretic effects of moringa flower extract can reduce the incidence of edema and swelling and help the body more effectively heal after an injury or illness.

Moringa Flowers Nutritional Value

Moringa flowers contain vital amino acids and are excellent sources of calcium and potassium, making them a valuable supplement for nursing mothers. Discover the many health benefits of Moringa

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