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Cacao Powder - 8oz

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Cacao Powder - 8oz 


Cacao  - The Rich, Antioxidant-Packed "Food of The Gods"  

Cacao is the raw, cold-pressed form of cocoa - chocolate in its purest form. It is incredibly rich in fiber and iron as well as a host of antioxidants, making it one of the most powerful - and tasty - superfoods yet discovered. Where you might not look forward to eating some superfoods because of their taste, we guarantee you won't be able to get enough cacao! Our Ecuadorian cacao is made from the heirloom Forastero cacao bean, prized for its deep, complex chocolate flavor. To help get you started, you can learn more about the benefits of cacao from our blog. 


Cacao has a myriad of uses cooking and baking. We've shared some Cacao recipes already, and we'd love to hear about yours, too.

Moringa Source Cacao Powder contains only 100% Pure USDA Organic Ecuadorian Cacao. It is Vegan, Non-GMO and gluten free. 

Each pouch contains 8 ounces of Raw, USDA Organic Cacao powde