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Moringa Body Wash

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Moringa Body Wash. 

Our deeply penetrative body wash works to cleanse, protect and moisturize your skin. It nourishes, invigorates and refreshes, thanks to a unique blend of therapeutic grade pure essential oils and all-natural ingredients.

Use it daily to leave your skin feeling fresh, healthy, soft, and clean.


Moringa Fresh Body Wash was formulated with you and our environment in mind and contains:


NO Parabens

NO Artificial Colors

NO Petroleum Products

NO Synthetic Fragrances

NO Perfumes

NO Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS)

NO Formaldehyde.


Our products are never tested on animals, are entirely natural and are environmentally safe!


Scents: Ylang Ylang & Ginger and Lavender


Container size: 8 oz