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Turmeric Powder - 8 ounce

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Turmeric Powder - 8 ounce


Turmeric A Traditional Root Powder To Support Digestion and Reduce Inflammation


Turmeric - a part of the Ginger family - is another Indian herb with a storied medicinal history, in addition to its uses as a spice and as a dye. Circumin, the active constituent in Turmeric, is a strong anti-oxidant and might just be nature's most potent anti-inflammatory. The root also has a thermogenic - or warming - effect and can help ease discomfort from arthritis. Turmeric has even shown promise supporting a healthy digestive system in Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) patients.


Because it is such a flavorful spice, Turmeric has many cooking uses, but can fit capably into refreshing foods without cooking for a flavorful antioxidant boost. Try our vegan Turmeric lemonade recipe!


Moringa Source Turmeric Powder contains only USDA Organic ground Turmeric root. It is Non-GMO and naturally caffeine and gluten free. 

Each pouch contains 8 ounces of Turmeric powder