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We are the premiere resource in the United States for Moringa oleifera products.

We offer a line of Health Care and skin care products that are all natural and highly effective.  All of our products are designed to balance and improve the body’s cognitive, neurological and physical well-being.


We are dedicated to bring you the best that Mother Nature as to offer.

We guide our Moringa products from seed to shelf to ensure strict quality standards are met for growing, harvesting and processing our Moringa.  This allows us to stand behind the integrity of our crop, implement eco-friendly practices, take a community-oriented approach, and maintain the highest certifications.These include our USDA certified Organic Moringa, self-affirmed GRAS status and vegan certification.


Health and wellness are a lifelong journey. We have only one body and one lifetime to find our path.  

Moringa cares for your body, not just from the inside, but on the outside as well. and we bring you it's purest form possible.

Miracle Trees is a pioneer in promoting Moringa oleifera.
Miracle Trees was founded with the goal to promote and distribute Moringa seeds and trees. Miracle trees helped create a global awareness about the Moringa tree. 

Some years ago, was hard to fight skepticism, from neighbors, strangers, friends, family and colleagues. People simply did not believe that such a tree could exist. 

Moringa came a long way! Today, Moringa is a raising star, a phenomenon around the world. Mission accomplished? Not yet! More people need to know, cultivate and benefit from what Moringa has to offer!

Moringa Source guarantee the finest products because we handle it every step of the way beginning with our own USDA organic certified farm.  Located in the tropical province of Guayas, Ecuador, our farm contains nutrient-rich soil and natural water sources, making it a haven for the highest quality Moringa trees.  We provide jobs for more than 15 experienced local workers and exercise environmentally-responsible practices.  We pride ourselves on being good stewards of the land.  

Our farm is Certified Organic for both production and processing and our powders and tea bear the USDA logo.  Our Moringa is processed in the United States in our GMP-compliant facility in Danbury, CT.  It is packaged to preserve the maximum nutritional value.  Our highly qualified in-house technical staff and formulators meticulously oversee the entire process to ensure every bottle and every bag is bursting with the best nutrients Moringa can offer.